Knife: Reintarnation

I first made this knife several years ago, with an Osage Orange handle. The wood was flawed
and developed a crack. The flawed knife sat in one of my dresser drawers for years.
One day it caught my eye, and I decided to remodel the knife with a Sambar Stag
handle. After many hours of work, I'm pleased with the remodel. I was going to name
the knife "Reincarnation," because it came back to life better than before. But it looks
so wicked mean, I decided to name it "Reintarnation" instead.

Knife: Remodeled Fighter -- View 1

Best Fighter -- Northwest Knife Collectors Show 2015
15 1/2" long overall; 10 1/2" W-2 steel blade; Sambar Stag handle and modern iron fittings.
The knife weighs one pound.

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